Hush takes place around relatively present time. Blacks had complete and equal rights, but they still weren't treated quite the way they were supposed to. The story begins in Denver, Colorado. The Greens live in a fairly new, two story home settled in a friendly neighborhood. It has french doors and a beautiful wrap-around deck. There are four bedrooms (one master, one for Evie, one for Anna, and one used as an office) and three reasonably large bathrooms. The carpet is a snowy white and the second floor is covered in soft pinewood planks.

However, the family is soon taken from their home and moved to a different city. (This town is never named in the book, but the author states on her website that she intended it to take place in a town near the New York/Canadian border.) This city is more clustered and far dirtier than Denver. The Greens (Thomas's) now live in a tiny apartment on the top floor. They have no neighbors. The complex is almost completely barren with people. The apartment, having only two bedrooms and a bathroom, is incredibly squished. Anna and Evie must share a bedroom and the dining room, den, and kitchen are all in the same four walls. The carpet is an ugly green color, and the walls of a pasty, off-white. The sinks, bathtub, and toilet are all stained with rust and pipe build-up.

When the family lived in Denver, everything was bright and happy. The two sisters had friends and lived happy lives. Their father, a proud police officer, was very popular among the force. Their mother got along well with him and the two barely ever fought. When they were moved to the new town, everything changed. The mood took a sharp turn. Almost instantly it went from wonderful and lively to absolutely dreary. The new apartment was tiny and not taken care of very well. The TV was sometimes restricted because of the programs advertising how they were looking for the father. The family became depressed and more edgy. The parents began to fight more, and life was simply more stressful in general. All this creates a very dark, depressing mood in the book. It is as if there is a big, gray cloud hanging over the place where they live. Whenever they try to be happy, the cloud starts to rain down on them.


"The Mood of Hush"