....................The Planning Page

Hello, Hush members, and welcome to the planning page.
We have decided to read three chapters per week.
The main font is Times New Roman at 90%, with the font color #3d3d3d.
The header font is Tahoma at 150%, with the font color #1A89C1.
If anyone would like to make a header in Photoshop or Paint, please feel free to!
Our organizer will be McKenna.

Ideas for incorporating original media:

I think that we could do a few drawings on Photoshop or by hand of what the 'Thomas/Greens' apartment looks like. I also think that someone could do a picture of what one or more of the characters looks like. Maybe a couple of audio recordings would be nice, so that people that come would be able to listen to a part of the book if they want to read it or something. What do you guys think? -- Catherine

You know that thing with the words that we learned about in the library? We could use words from the mood of the book and then put the picture on our plot page. I think it would both look really cool and take up some empty space. The mood is usually so hard to write down, so I think this would be a good way to make people see it. Also, we could also put pictures of the characters on the character page. (Just like Abby did for her literature circle group.) -- Peach