Toswiah Green (Evie Thomas) - Toswiah is the main character. When the family enters the Witness Protection Agency, she decided to change her name to "Evie." In the beginning of the book she's 12 years old. She turns 13 eventually, but the book never actually mentions it. After they moved, she turned 14. Evie used to have many friends back in Colorado, but it all changed when she moved. Evie became a "cootie girl." No one liked her and all her peers thought she was weird. There are many references in the book to her old best friend, Lulu. They were born on the same day, in the same hospital, and only weighed five pounds. They believe that they knew each other in a previous life, and were sent to be friends. Evie always talks about how someday when she's in college, she'll try to find Lulu. After that, they'll never be separated again.

Cameron Green (Anna Thomas) - Cameron is Toswiah's older sister. She is only older by 15 months, yet she still acts like she is several years older. Cameron was a cheerleader at her old school, and was dismayed when she found out that her new school didn't offer cheerleading. She decided to change her name to "Anna" when they had to pick new names, because it is the same spelled forwards as it is backwards. Moving and changing names really affected Anna. Instead of the preppy cheerleader she used to be, she soon became more of a geek. Throughout the book she's always studying for tests and doing extra homework because she wants to get into a school called Simon Rock. The school accepts people as young as sixteen, and Anna was determined to get as far away from her family life in New York as possible.

Officer Green/Thomas - Officer Green is the father of Cameron and Toswiah. He is the reason that the family had to move. Too many people were angry at him and were sending threats to him. So the family entered the Witness Protection Agency. When he was an officer, he was very dedicated and popular. Every person on the force knew him and his family. He was dedicated to his job, and he did everything he was assigned to do well. Officer Green is medium sized, African American. He likes coconut cakes on birthdays, believe it or not. He has a jolly, rarely serious attitude, but is very serious about his duty and felonies. He seems very majestic in his full uniform. Officer Green loves his children very much. He calls them his “copper pennies."

Here's a quote from the book exampling his bravery in the book:

"That night at dinner, Daddy said 'I'm a man, I can testify.' He walked slowly through every room in the house, picking up pictures and putting them down again, fluffing pillows and pressing them to his face. When he got back to the kitchen, he sat down at the table and said, 'We can leave here.' Then he leaned into his fists and cried." (Woodson 53)

Mrs. Green/Thomas - Mrs. Green (or "Mama" as she is called throughout the book) is the mother of Cameron and Toswiah. She would sometimes spark an argument between herself and her husband, but it usually didn't last very long. She was reluctant to leave their lives and their house behind, but eventually lost the battle. In the book she is trying to get her teaching credentials. The feds were supposed to give it to her when they originally started their new lives, but it never came. After the move, Mrs. Green became a very religious person. When she wasn't trying to get her teaching credentials, she was attending some sort of bible study or mass. Every Sunday she forced Evie and Anna to go to church with her (although they absolutely dreaded it). The religion that she picked up forbade that they celebrate any holiday. That meant no Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas.